About Us
Inland Northwest Wrestling Training Center (INWTC) is an extension of USA Wrestling and is a nationally recognized Regional Training Center of the United States, for its World and Olympic wrestling teams. INWTC provides skill instruction for all level of wrestling from beginning and first year athletes, to those who aspire to represent our country on a national level and at global competitions. The ultimate goal is to advance the sport of wrestling, and provide an all-inclusive wrestling center that supports and suppliments existing youth programs, junior high, high school, and college programs in the Inland Northwest.
What Makes Us Unique:
INWTC is leading the way in innovation in youth athletics, and is seeking to become the only USA Wrestling Regional Training Center in the Northwest.  It is our intent to provide a  training environment with state of the art facilities, a superior number of workout partners, the most modern training philosophy, as well as the best and most advanced technical coaching.  We seek to do so while providing a safe, comfortable, and inclusive environment.  INWTC is located in the newly constructed, 8000+ square foot, St. Sebastian Athletic Training Center on the campus of Gonzaga Prep High School in Spokane, WA.   This facility was constructed to serve wrestling specifically and is one of the largest wrestling specific spaces in the western United States.  INWTC  provides unique opportunities that cannot be found anywhere else on our side of the country.  INWTC will serve as a resource for programs/clubs throughout the region by offering supplimental training that brings the best wrestlers from the Inland Northwest together under one roof.  With the guidance of Washington State Wrestling Association, WIAA, and USA Wrestling, INWTC will have access to the most advanced base of modern wrestling information.  This will allow INWTC to provide unique educational opportunities to wrestlers, parents, and coaches.  Our full time staff includes 6 former college Division 1 wrestlers and/or All-Americans as well as former college coaches. Our broader part-time staff and volunteers include more than two dozen former college coaches and wrestlers. There has never been a program in our region with this type of inclusion and coaching diversity, and INWTC is proud to be the flagship innovator for wrestling in the west.  Along with the many excellent coaches currently on staff, we are committed to training the next wave of coaches for the future, by offering clinics, continuing education, and coaching opportunities for state and national teams.
The INWTC administration has worked tirelessly for months to get 2017-18 off to a great start. By reaching out to all governming bodies to make sure that we are in compliance with state rules within Washington and Idaho. The WSWA, WIAA, IHSAA, USA Wrestling, and others have been working together in order to make the Training Center the next greatest avenue in wrestling. There will always be naysayers and those who spread false rumors when it comes to new and progressive organizations, but INWTC puts its stamp on the hard work and effort we have gone through to make sure our coaching staff, all administrative members, and all athletes are in compliance with wrestling rules throughout the inland northwest. If you have any questions on rules or legality, feel free to contact the INWTC director Brian Owen. 
  • Create an opportunity for all wrestlers in the region to train together  under one roof in pursuit of their goals. INWTC is available to any and all wrestlers regardless of school, club, or state affiliation.
  • Provide quality coaching, instruction, and training sessions using only USAW NCEP certified coaches in a safe and effective state of the art training facility
  • Generate further exposure to all levels of competition ensuring that wrestlers from our region have the opportunity to compete at national level tournaments.
  • Showcase the talent in our region to college scouts and recruiters
  • Serve as a catalyst for reinstatement of college wrestling programs in the Northwest.